Friday, July 07, 2006

June was "Adopt-A-Cat Month"

We decided to celebrate by adopting a cat. We brought her home three weeks ago today. It took us another five days to come up with a name we both liked -- Moxy. It's short for Moccasin, because she has white paws. She came from The Atlanta Humane Society, which is how several of my previous cats came into my life - including Fermi, my online namesake.

We have a 12 year old cat who has been solo for two years. We didn't want to rock her world any more than we had to, so we sought out some advice regarding the Big Introduction. Zima started out by acting kind of depressed, then she switched to an "avoid and ignore" strategy. She moved on to the "show the little twerp who's boss" game. By now, I'd say she's at the grudging acceptance stage. She still acts like she doesn't like Moxy batting at her tail and trying to lick her, but if she really hated it she could easily get away from her. And doesn't.

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trinamick said...

That cat is soooo cute! My cat looks similar to that - if you added 100 lbs.