Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hammock Time

The View From My Hammock

This is the view from our hammock. Rather awesome, no?

Atlanta had such great weekend weather*, I brought the hammock out of storage early and had some well deserved time to rest in it after a whole lot of yard work. It was our annual "chop down the old monkey grass" weekend. Like I always say, if it has "monkey" in the title, it is bound to give you trouble. We also did a bunch of other chores that you don't want to hear about.

Now the smell of charcoal smoke and jerk pork is filling the evening air. I am sipping wine and catching up on internet stuff while my husband cooks. Hope your weekend was equally productive and enjoyable. Smells like it is time to eat - gotta go!

*It isn't all wine and pork aroma. We are paying dearly for the early spring with a very high pollen count - especially considering it is only February. At least we are warm and comfortable while we sneeze and rub our eyes.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

What a pain...

I spent eight hours today moving my CDs and assorted booklets and cover art from jewel cases to plastic sleeves. Sadly, I did not even come close to finishing the job. I am just glad that all the music we have purchased over the last several years is digital and not still sitting in my "to do" pile. I've got several hours to go before I can box up the jewel cases for the recycler. Some other time... not tonight.

Parts of my 2011 decluttering effort have been more painful than others. Today moved straight to the top of that list. Apparently, I am too old to spend eight hours sitting cross legged on the floor. *sigh* At least I have a nice desk to sit at while I complain about my lower back pain on my blog. And a good chair with lumbar support that is doing more to soothe my back than that useless painkiller I took an hour ago.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mac Desk 2.0

Did some more redecorating. This time we tackled the desk in our den that houses the "fun computer". I use the Mac for all my photography stuff, and it is our digital juke box for the house. We outgrew the old desk years ago when we got the big monitor but we kept limping along with it. Since this is in our den, I wanted real furniture that looks nice. This desk fit the bill. The CPU is now hidden in the closet, but is easily accessible through the curtain. Ditto for the accessories and supplies. Big improvement!

Mac Desk 2.0

Mac Desk: Before

Friday, February 11, 2011

Crichton Kitteh?

This one's for my Farscape friends. Don't know what I'm talking about? Watch, and learn. HIGHLY recommended.

funny pictures - In ur wormholez,
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Friday, February 04, 2011


Day 343 - Merlin

Merlin, formerly known as "New Cat", has settled in with us nicely. He and Silvio have become partners in crime. The girls are relieved that they keep each other occupied and out of their fur. I'm glad we took him in. He's a good cat.