Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hammock Time

The View From My Hammock

This is the view from our hammock. Rather awesome, no?

Atlanta had such great weekend weather*, I brought the hammock out of storage early and had some well deserved time to rest in it after a whole lot of yard work. It was our annual "chop down the old monkey grass" weekend. Like I always say, if it has "monkey" in the title, it is bound to give you trouble. We also did a bunch of other chores that you don't want to hear about.

Now the smell of charcoal smoke and jerk pork is filling the evening air. I am sipping wine and catching up on internet stuff while my husband cooks. Hope your weekend was equally productive and enjoyable. Smells like it is time to eat - gotta go!

*It isn't all wine and pork aroma. We are paying dearly for the early spring with a very high pollen count - especially considering it is only February. At least we are warm and comfortable while we sneeze and rub our eyes.


LL said...

3 inches of snow and cold here this weekend. Just about hammock weather!

I'm guessing spring's a good few weeks or months away, but I'm hoping for an early one!

Jeni said...

We still have a pretty thick cover of snow left on the ground here. Loverly. Not really. The view of those tree branches really do make one thing nice positive, dreamy thoughts though of reposing on a nice summer day and watching the clouds drift by overhead.

Dianne said...

what a view!!

Jenn said...

awesome view but where is the cat blogging?

tiff said...

Did those nasty pollen finally get you?

We're entering pollen season here - I'm not-anxiously awaiting the annual green blanket of pine pollen that I'm certain is only a week or so away. Yuck.

fermicat said...

LL - winter is a distant memory here.

Jeni - ditto.

Dianne - thanks. It is a bit greener now!

Jenn - when I take more cat photos I will be sure to share them. Always exhausted when I get home. No fun!

tiff - the pollen started a month ago and is driving me crazy. We're at the green slime stuck to everything stage now. Yuck. And such a pleasure to clean up.