Wednesday, July 12, 2006

How It All Turned Out

The lecture went OK, except for the guy who kept nodding off. It is just impossible to make "IMRT QA Using Argus(tm)" interesting, especially to someone who has recently consumed a big lunch. I used a red background for my slides (a tasteful, hand-selected "chili pepper" red, not the default "midlife crisis sports car" red) and cracked a few jokes, but that can only take you so far.

The birthday celebrating part of the day was way more fun than the giving a talk to a bunch of students part of the day. It also beat the working my ass off so I can leave early part of the day. This year's Theme Gift went over pretty well. It was one of those things that would either be a big hit or a big bomb. The theme was "Tiki Lounge". I got PDM a metric crapload of lounge music and some cheesy little tiki god coasters. There were a handful of "misses" in the music, but most of the tracks were "hits". This weekend we'll be chillin' and groovin' and drinking some Mai Tai cocktails.

The cats don't do Theme Gifts. They got him a sodium chloride containment unit.

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