Thursday, November 09, 2006

Voicemail Hell

Guess what I did at work today? It was one of my days at the satellite location where I've been reassigned 2-3 days a week, and I have been trying to get things caught up there. I noticed that the voicemail light has been on since I started there last week. Today, I finally had time to deal with it. And found out that there were 31 old messages! And the only way to deal with them was to listen to each one in its entirety. Argh!!!!! They ranged from July to October, and I was unable to delete any of them without listening to the whole thing first. I felt compelled to write the stuff down, just in case it was important or something. I ended up with three pages of utterly useless crap. And the only reward for all this is that the stupid "message" light is no longer on. Sigh.


LL said...

See what happens when you attack the innocent Treebeard?

TheWriteGirl said...

Ack! Well maybe you can make use of some of those stupid messages and write a story around them. Invent all kinds of twisted lives for the callers and the callees. Or then again, you could just chuck them all and forget about it. Like you said, at least the light's not on any more.

fermicat said...

LL - I like Treebeard. But if the cute ones have to die, he's toast!

TWG - I'm afraid such a story would be good only as a sleep aid. They were really dull messages.

trinamick said...

I left my phone off for a couple of days at home. It's amazing how many snippy messages I got! God forbid I have 24 hours of peace without constant ringing in my ears.

Phones should be outlawed. Darn that Alexander Graham Bell!