Thursday, September 10, 2009


Whiteout 9.10.09
Sorry, Mom. Here is a photo showing tens of thousands of people flaunting that "no white after Labor Day" rule.

Clemson really brought their A game and we were lucky to get the win. They earned my respect tonight. They never quit. I was pleasantly surprised by their fans as well - the ones I encountered were pretty cool. Not what I expected.


dr sardonicus said...

I know Paul Johnson's a throwback to old-time football and all that, but somebody on the GT roster had better figure out how to complete a forward pass or else there's gonna be trouble quick. Perhaps as soon as next Thursday.

fermicat said...

We need to figure out how to convert a third down!

Dave said...

I have to be technically opposed you you next week - I am a Miami alumni. (Don't tell anyone, I don't care if you win.)

Dr Jenn said...

it didn't rain I take it. LOL. That would have been man heaven if it had!

Glad you got the win.

LL said...

I think all fans are basically the same... once you pass a certain age range, they realize that they can still be fans and show class.

Now why anyone would be a college football fan in the first place... well... ;P

fermicat said...

Dave - should be a good game next week.

Dr Jenn - the weather turned out great.

LL - oh, I don't know about that. I've seen some awful fan behavior. Last winter, the Clemson fans who came to our basketball game were jerks. I almost left at halftime because it was so unpleasant sitting near them. The group sitting directly behind me ran their mouths the entire game. I've got no problem with fans rooting for their team, but these guys spent all their time insulting our players, the team, the coaches, the coliseum, our fans, etc.

Kathleen said...

I agree with you re: fans. I don't get this new-fangled jeering at the opposing team. ROOT FOR YOUR TEAM! I hate negativity at sporting events. Chicago fans like to chant "Detroit sucks." at games. Honestly, is that necessary? Besides that, it's just plain rude.

fermicat said...

Kat - a little negativity is expected at some pro sporting events (hockey immediately came to mind), but it isn't so cool at a college game. People need to remember that the players are kids, not professional athletes.

Good natured ribbing is another matter though!