Sunday, September 20, 2009

Late Adopters

I've come to the realization that PDM and I are late adopters. It isn't something we aspire to by philosophy -- we are not curmudgeons, and don't have anything against change or new technology. We just don't feel like we need to run out and get every little thing the minute it hits the market. We prefer to see what ends up taking hold and then wait until it has gone through a few bug fixes and becomes a truly useful and robust product or service. And then we procrastinate about getting it for a few years. Somehow this lack of urgency has morphed into full on late adoptership without us consciously choosing to be that way. Maybe we're just getting old. Here is a quick list of newfangled things that have gone mainstream without our participation:

online bill paying
home video game systems
surround sound
satellite radio

Some of these things we have no interest in, but there are a few that are on our short list of stuff to get hooked up. Like the DVR at the top of that list. That would be convenient. And maybe Netflix. But most of it doesn't really seem all that necessary, to be honest. I've been paying bills the same way for 25 years. I don't see that changing unless the postal service decides they aren't gonna deliver mail anymore. I still have a paper road atlas in my car, and manage to find stuff just fine. I didn't get a cell phone until 2002, and I kept that phone for six years before getting a new one (that still isn't a Blackberry, but is much smaller and lighter than the clunky old phone). PDM got his first cell phone in 2008. Our plan doesn't include texting, because we hardly ever do it. I remember people's phone numbers, because I usually dial them manually from my home phone. Which is a land line. That doesn't have call waiting. Hell, we still have a VCR.

Our life isn't entirely stuck in the 1980s. I have an iTouch that I absolutely love. We packed away the CD player a few years ago in favor of using the Mac and our wireless network as a juke box. We only have one television, but it is a wide screen HD LCD that is pretty damn big, and we have a pseudo-surround system with subwoofer. Movies and live sports look and sound very life-like. The Mac also has a large format widescreen LCD monitor. It's pretty. There's not a cathode ray tube in the house.

So, now that I've aired out our list, what do you still have that makes you feel like a dinosaur?


LL said...

A blog...

fermicat said...

I hear ya.

Dr Jenn said...

not to worry, i had to drag doc kicking and screaming into the 21st century too.

Jeni said...

Although my daughter does have a cellphone -courtesy of her brother's phone plan -it is only good for when we are away from home as we get no reception down in the gully where we live. That "Do you hear me now" guy from Verizon needs to come check out this area! Don't have a GPS, no blackberry here, no home gaming system either. The DVR though doesn't always work right with the tv set -some quirky thing there and the picture goes sideways. Bang the set a few times and it straightens out. IM though -gee, I've been doing that for about a decade although not that heavy-duty these days. My daughters, even my typing-challenged son do the text thing but not me, since I have no cellphone to call my own! But I'm basically happy in my little not too techy world as it is.

fermicat said...

Dr Jenn - we don't have anyone pushing us to get more modern (except the constant stream of invites I get to join Facebook).

Jeni - we don't get cell reception in our little hole either. If we did, I would probably get rid of the landline.

Dave said...

You watch TV as it is broadcast? Or you're just talking about a DVD player?

Getting either or both (the latter with a Netflix subscription) will change your media life.

Though, I said I didn't need to text, and I don't, I do. It has its uses. No Facebook or Twitter, never ever. At least until I'm forced to for some unknown reason.

fermicat said...

Dave - we have a DVD player, but not a DVR. If we watch a show, our choices are (a)live, (b)hope it is available "on demand" later on, or (c)hope that we can watch it over the internet later. It would be nice to digitally record it and watch at our convenience.

We text occasionally, but it isn't something I do every day. One time I had to attend a business meeting during a football game, so I had PDM text me updates throughout the game. Made the meeting a lot more fun, but they were probably wondering why I looked so happy every few minutes.

BC said...

I still dont text. LOLOL

Oh and just to ask... Halloween exchange this year?

Dianne said...

I love my DVR because I can avoid commercials and I can watch things when I want

I can't stand cell phones and rarely even turn mine on
and all the endless networking sites!! do we really need to be in that much touch, especially when no one is really saying anything of value or importance

Dave said...

Whether you've got satellite or cable, get a DVR! As Dianne said, no more commercials! Less guilt for watching TV in the first place as you are spending about 10% less time at it. Tired of a show as you're watching it, switch or quit and come back to it.

Couple that with Netflix and you can give up your worldly life entirely.

Natalie said...

I don't have DVR either. Or an iPhone/Blackberry. Or Netflix. But I couldn't imagine paying bills wiht a check! The thing that makes me feel like a dinosuar? My radio (yes, I have one that isn't built into my car).

fermicat said...

BC - I'm game! I miss those exchanges.

Dianne - gotta get me a DVR. I'm with you on the cell phones. I don't get many calls on mine, and am sure to turn it down or off when it would be inappropriate for it to ring.

Dave - I'm sold. Need to call the cable company and get one. And Netflix too.

Natalie - I guess it is what you learn when you first start paying bills. Writing checks is what I've always done. I don't know how to do it any other way.

BC said...

I will let her know to put you on the list and then I will forward it to you somehow. Let me know where.

fermicat said...

BC - I can be reached as "fermicat" on either yahoo mail or gmail.

NYPinTA said...

I still buy music on CDs. Other than that, not much. I have an iTouch too, but I still like having that disk in my hands. I have bought the occassional single song through iTunes, but that's about it.

I love my DVR. LOVE IT.

And I'm addicted to twitter. But mostly becaust it fits on my iTouch the easiest when I'm at work where I no longer using my PC to browse the web.