Thursday, September 10, 2009

Game Day!

My pregame ritual doesn't usually include getting up early for a 7:30am research meeting (a real snoozefest) and working all day. But I made it through (my productivity might have suffered a bit) and am about to head to The Flats. Hope that six pack I put in the car this morning is still cold... and I hope it doesn't rain (which would turn the "white out" into a giant wet t-shirt contest).


Dr Jenn said...

Have fun... rain or not! I liked the yellow better!

LL said...

Just from looking at the first quarter... I'll wager you had a good time.

fermicat said...

Dr Jenn - the clouds went away before the game, so not even a threat of rain. Maybe Paul Johnson ordered them out of the way. :-)

LL - I wish all four quarters were like the first. If we don't figure out how to convert third downs, we are in big trouble. Clemson had a good defensive strategy and the game got pretty exciting there at the end. I am glad Tech found a way to win. Had me worried.