Saturday, August 23, 2008

Finally, it's over.

little stars

And now I get my life back.

It was nice having a glass of wine with my lunch. Nice to go enjoy a party tonight, guilt-free. Nice to be able to write this post without feeling like I should be studying, or sleeping. Whew! I can't wait to be totally useless tomorrow - I can sit around the house and waste time all day if I want to. Maybe I will... maybe I won't. But great to have a real choice.

The test went OK, I guess. Not terribly bad, nor terrifically good. I will find out in about four weeks whether or not I did good enough to pass. I am trying hard not to agonize about it and second guess myself to death. I will just say that some questions were ambiguous and that made it tough to make a decision about how to answer.


Sunshine said...

I may have a glass of wine, just to be supportive of YOU of course.

I'm such a good friend like that.

dr sardonicus said...

Good luck! I'm sure you passed.

The waiting is the hardest part (hey, wasn't that a song once?) I remember waiting for the big envelope or the little envelope. The big envelope had the certificate in it; the little one was the letter that said you failed.

JennyLu said...

yOh sure Doc, give her something else to fret over!

(((FERNICAT))) you did great. You did even better if your second guessing yourself over the ambigious ones because your smart enought to have remembered them. Does that make sense? I am working on my homework, so nothing makes sense to me right now.

Glad you survived the exams!

Dianne said...

you can't put yourself thru any more - the 4 weeks will be done when they're done

I say keep celebrating! :)

LL said...

Wine? *sigh*

but at least there was no Friday Catblogging this week... ;)

Jeni said...

Ya know, one of the State Civil Service tests I took, (that I barely passed I might add) was one that when I completed it, I felt really good about it. Hadn't felt like I had struggled with any of the answers, etc., (hadn't rushed through it either) and when I got my grade, I was in a state of shock because it had seemed pretty cut and dried. The two tests I took (both for state counseling type jobs) I really labored long and hard over the answers on them, felt very concerned over many of the questions and my answers and yet, I got very good scores on both of them. Go figure! Not that my much better scores ever did me a lick of good though as there were no positions for either of the counseling positions available in my area during the time period when my scores would have been considered. Talk about dumb luck, huh?
Just glad you were finally able to relax a little bit, have some wine. Now let go of it and I'm betting your scores will reflect how hard you studied, how much you stressed yourself out over this too and it will all be fine and dandy!
Now, go have a drink on me. (Or 2 or 3 for that matter -I haven't have a good drink in quite some time.)

fermicat said...

sunshine - how was that wine?

dr s - as far as I know, our envelopes look the same. I will be ripping into it as soon as I get it though. I hope it will be good news.

jenny - thanks for the virtual hug. Multiple choice does not lend itself to interpreting what they had in mind on those less-than-clear questions. The next test is an oral exam. At least that won't be a problem then.

dianne - I will try not to think about it, but that is a tough thing to do. It will be interesting to talk to my coworker who took the test with me when I see him on Monday. See what he thought of it.

ll - you know I like cats and wine. But I also have great taste in television shows and internet message boards, right? You aren't still mad about that Lost "Hurt/Heal" game are you? :ewink:

jeni - I honestly do not know how I did, and never will know exactly. They do not tell you your score, just pass or fail. I felt better after the first one than I do now. So many questions were open to interpretation, and there were quite a few where I had to rule out a few of the choices and then just pick from the two or three left at random. I finished the four hour test in three hours and spent the entire hour second guessing my choices.

Beth said...

I think you're such a brainiac ... you're the type to study when you already know all the material. I love your pictures. They make me want to sit on a porch with you while you drink wine. I'll take a Newcastle or a vodka tonic. :o)

tiff said...


Hope all that relaxing was as relaxing as you thought it was going to be. :)

fermicat said...

beth - come on over!

tiff - it wasn't perfect, thanks to the stupid cable company's "on demand" service not working right. I really wanted to veg out with some silly comedies. But even without the funny movies, it sure beats studying.

Minnesotablue said...

Yeah! It's over for you! Drink as much wine as you want. I still remember after all these years when I was waiting for my exams. Couldn't eat, sleep for a month. I should have tried the wine!

BC said...

I know you passed. :D

Im glad its over for you too but the wait is the hardest part.

Major hugs :D Enjoy the freedom.

Kathleen said...

I think perhaps LL needs a TWO catblogging days this week to make up for missing it last week. ;-)

NYPinTA said...

I'm sure you did great!

fermicat said...

minnesota - I am trying not to obsess about it while I wait.

bc - hope you are right about the result.

kat - I am way behind on catblogging, that is true.

nypinta - thanks. Hoping for the best.

TheWriteGirl said...

A big Whew! from me. I too will have a glass of wine in your honor.