Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Ignorance is bliss. Turns out I've been driving around with an expired license since my birthday in May. The pollworkers noticed it today when I presented it to vote. Whoops.

Now that I know, I am going to be paranoid until I get it renewed. Which I could have done over the internet, very conveniently, on time, if Georgia had mailed my renewal notice to me like they were supposed to. They probably sent it to my former address. (Yes, I updated my address with them two years ago, but this is the DMV we're talking about.) If they did, I hope those renewal reminders do not contain any useful personal information, and that no one is driving around with my new drivers license.


Jeni said...

OOPS! Yeah, I'd be just as paranoid as you if that happened to me. My SIL on the other hand, renewed his license yes, but never got around to getting his photo done for it! For a whole year! The man is crazy. He finally got it done but only because he and another guy have started their own business and he has to have a separate checking account for his part of the business and to get said separate business account, he had to have a current photo id so he finally went, last week, and got the picture thing done.
Now -if you read my blog via a reader like google, you will see that my blog has not updated since last Thursday even though I have since put up 8 other new posts. Can't get a response from Google or Blogger about how to fix it either and I have exhausted all five minutes worth of computer knowledge I have! So just click on my blog name and come visit. Jeni

BC said...

Ive only done that with the inspection. My registration is up this month though.

wa11z said...

You'll be fine. The DMV sucks though.

fermicat said...

jeni - I'll stop by when I get a chance.

bc - I remember that stuff because they send me the thingy in the mail.

wa11z - hope so. It would be just my luck to get pulled over now. And I hate going to the DMV - it always takes forever and there is never a good time to do it.

LL said...

How does having a license affect your ability to drive? I mean... it is that same car... isn't it? ;)

NYPinTA said...

Mine won't expire for another 4 years. I got it 4 years ago. I know I'm going to forget.

Kathleen said...

Thankfully, the State of Michigan sent me my driver license renewal and I mailed it in and already got it back.

My mother every single year forgets to put the new tab on her license plate. Never gets pulled over for it. I drove it once (thankfully with her in the car) and the nice police officer said, "Did you know that your plates are expired?" I turned to my mother who blithely replied, "No, I renewed them, I just didn't put the tab on the plate." and pulls out the valid registration. Mind you this was in late June and her birthday is in September, so she drove for damn near a year with expired plates.

Dianne said...

I know what you mean about the paranoia. I'd be positive that because my license was expired I would immediately become involved in some kind of car chase lol

when I moved from NY to NJ it took me months to get a new license. according to the DMV here I was wanted in 22 states for various driving infractions and I held more than a dozen suspended licenses.

even now that it's all cleared up I have to keep a notarized letter with me - according to the DMV if an officer pulled me over and ran my license I could be arrested!

they're so stupid.

Dave said...

The location on either Beaver Ruin or Indian Trail, just West of 85 is huge, lots of clerks. Took me about ten minutes.

fermicat said...

ll - funny thing, that. Nothing has changed between a day ago and now, except that I know it is expired. And it will bug me until I fix it.

nypinta - I'm going to get a 10-year one this time. I thought I had another year on this one - they're supposed to be good for 5 years (or so I thought) and I got it in 2004. *shrug*

kat - I wish I could have done the easy internet/mail renewal.

dianne - that sounds awful. What a horrid thing to have to deal with.

dave - that is my plan, but it is a pain in the ass to get there with all the damn traffic on I-85. That is where I got my license back in '04, but it took way longer than ten minutes. Maybe because I had moved back from another state? Whatever the reason, I was there for about an hour and a half.

magnetbabe said...

I hate that feeling of wanting to get something done NOW and it will bug you until you do. Ugh. I hope you can get it straightened out soon.

Did you take that test yet?

Beth said...

I got my renewal, but it said I had to actually go to the DMV for an eye test. So stupid.

Have you been keeping up with the Buffy comics? I really hate what the writers are doing with Buffy.

JennyC&F said...

I went for that mega renewal thing they came out with, mine don't expire for another 8 years!

fermicat said...

magnetbabe - still studying for the board exam. It is two weeks from Saturday.

beth - I have only read the first two omnibus editions of the "season eight" Buffy comic. What do you not like about them?

jenny - yeah, I am going to get a ten year one this time.