Tuesday, June 03, 2008

How to Ruin Your Summer

How? Have a board exam scheduled for late August, the only time of year that the test is offered so you do not have a choice. I'll be taking the second test of three. I passed Part 1 - General and Clinical Physics in 2006. A few of you were around to remember this. This next test is a written (well, computerized) exam covering radiation therapy physics.

Have I mentioned that I hate studying? No? Well, I do. Suffice it to say that there are hundreds of things I'd rather be doing on summer days and nights. But the test is right around the corner and I am out of excuses, so it is time to buckle down.

If all goes well, I will get to take the third and final (oral) exam around this time next year.


Jeni said...

Well, just for openers, I'm not exactly a big fan of studying these days -mainly because I can't remember diddly-squat, or so it seems, of what I read! Kind of an exercise in futility it seems at times. And then, considering the subject matter of your field, all I can think of there kiddo, is better you than me! I am one total dunce for openers in that I never even studied physics in high school, certainly never even thought for a nano second about trying to study that on a college level then either! Way, way too deep for my pea brain -then or now! Hope you study fast and hard and all goes well for you though. I have faith that it will!

dr sardonicus said...

Bummer. I hate studying, too.

Your exams are probably more involved than my water treatment certification test was, though. I still wound up studying 2-3 hours a night for three months to pass that test. Since I was confident about the math, I concentrated on the chemistry and biology portions - especially biology, which never was one of my favorite subjects. The good news is now that I have my license, all I need to do is attend continuing education classes (which are really just glorified industry seminars) once every three years.

fermicat said...

jeni - don't sell yourself short!

dr s - once I get certified, I will be obligated to continually work on my "maintenance of certification", which includes having to take another test every ten years, in addition to having to do continuing education stuff. Our board certification is only good for ten years.

Kathleen said...

Studying is the #1 reason I don't go back to school for an "advanced" degree...well, that and I have no clue what degree I'd want that would actually be worthwhile. I'm not even sure I know how to study anymore.

That said, at least you have a beautiful, screened-in porch in which to study which should make it slightly less painful.

BTW, LL called us old. ;-)

LL said...

Did not! Well... not directly anyway... :P

Hey... keep studying. That's why they pay you the big bucks. ;)

Dianne said...

Can you study/concentrate on your amazing porch? Or does all the nature and the cats distract you.

I go back and forth - I can work on the patio in the morning. As the day goes on I can't focus and have to work indoors.

Keep your chin up :)

Minnesotablue said...

Just keep plugging away and think of the rewards after the test is over. Good Luck with your studies.

JennyC&F said...

although I am not as smart as you, I have my NET entrance exam in July, and a full course load of classes for summer II. Good luck and think of the final pay check! Or the start of a grand pay check... or ... or... something like that.

fermicat said...

One good thing about this - I heard from a few of my old classmates today about getting together to compare notes and study topics. Will be great to see them again, even in our state of shared misery.