Monday, June 30, 2008

The Photos

By popular request, some photos of last night's amazing sky show.

The sky was yellow at first, and bright enough to illuminate everything with an eerie yellow hue. It was truly like looking through yellow tinted lenses. Or being on another planet with a different atmosphere. (Yes I read a lot of sci-fi. What of it?) The clouds were roiling around after the rain stopped without any lasting or discernible shape at first. Soon, they began to form rounded shapes here and there.

yellow sky

The yellow mellowed out into a rosy golden glow just as the spheroids became more pronounced.

golden sky

As the sky darkened and the colors deepened, the spherical shapes stretched out into streamers and began to break up.

amber sky

The colored, diffuse illumination was so strangely beautiful that I wished it would last. But sunsets happen quickly and all too soon the show was over. Good thing I had a camera handy! I tried to take some long exposures to capture the lightning bugs. That venture was not successful. I caught a few, but the photos were not very dramatic, and seemed to be missing the spirit of how they look in person.


LL said...

See? Sooooo much better than a damn cat picture... :P

wa11z said...

They look good, but you're right, they don't do it justice.

fermicat said...

ll - I like both nature and cat photos.

wa11z - yeah, I couldn't get the color to come out right. The camera had no clue how to white balance the bizarro-sky, and I tried to correct it to the best of my memory, but it still doesn't look quite like what I remember. It seemed like more of a coral color at the end, and the yellow was more intense at the beginning.

Dianne said...

stunning shots. the lightening bugs are illusive aren't they.

Jeni said...

I admire anyone who can take pics like these! I especially liked the last picture -don't know why -but something about the cloud shapes that really got me with that one.
And just what the heck is wrong with cat pictures, anyway?

fermicat said...

dianne - thanks, and yes they are.

jeni - "And just what the heck is wrong with cat pictures, anyway?" Absolutely nothing!

BC said...

Oooooooooooooooo.... I wished that I had a camera with me when I was on the highway once. The sky was preparing for a tornado with the sparkly greens. I knew what it meant but the colors were soooo coool.

fermicat said...

bc - sounds like it would have made for a dramatic photo. I once saw an entire pink sky with row upon row of rainbows when I lived in Massachusetts. I didn't have my camera with me, and by the time I got home the show was over.