Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Why I Hate Winter

So, we're in the dead of winter and I'm feeling the blahs an awful lot of the time. Not much to watch on TV due to the writers' strike. Not enough daylight at the end of the day to do anything outside. The bathroom project has been slowed to a crawl due to the cold weather. There is always reading, but that makes me sleepy and leads to napping. It has been slow at work, although that might change due to an assignment I was just given.

Bored at work, bored at home. I can't seem to motivate myself to do much of anything. This is why winter will always be my least favorite season. (At least I moved back to Atlanta, where winters are short and mild. All this was definitely worse when I lived in New England.) I feel sluggish, lazy, and uninspired.

What do YOU do to fight the winter blahs?


Jeni said...

Egads! Did you have to remind of the "winter blahs?" I've tried so doggone many things over the years -baking, cooking some new, crazy recipe, knitting, sewing, reading -either make me fatter or sleepier eventually. Writing, blogging -there ya go! Or, as a last resort -there's always sex, ya know. Then again, where I live, if I felt really daring, I could go back to my second childhood too and go sled riding. With my luck, I'd probably hit a car -again -and really bugger up the old knee and a bunch of other valuable, but arthritic, body parts too! Good luck with finding something and if it doesn't involve too much work or movement, let me know.

LL said...

I WORK! It's a funny concept, I know, but... :P

Wintertime is kind of my down time. It's when I can relax a bit, comparatively speaking.

The thing is... as I've mentioned before, when you work outside all day, you don't mind the time you spend inside. If I were to work indoors all day like you, I'd probably look forward to getting out too, and if forced to stay in, it would work on me, no doubt about it.

And how could the sex suggestion work without too much movement? That'd take all of the fun out of it... ;P

fermicat said...

jeni - sorry about the reminder... I've been trying to at least go for walks - sometimes I can fit one in at lunch. If I had more energy, I might be more interested in stuff, even if it has to be indoor hobbies.

LL - I leave for work before sunrise and get home near sunset most days. If I am lucky, I can sometimes squeeze in 20-30 minutes or so outside before it gets too dark. It is so much better when the days are longer and/or when DST kicks in. I have cabin fever, big time.

MW (Just 'Cuz) said...

I cannot tell the difference between the blahs of winter and the blahs of spring, summer and fall. I guess my sensibilities must not be as refined as yours. ;-) Aside from that, I learned to surrender the fight a long time ago.

On a more realistic note, why don't you take this opportunity to buy an Epson Perfection scanner (a mid-level model) and start scanning old negatives and slides using that Power Mac G5?

Kathleen said...

I need to teach you how to knit. I hate winter (as stated in my last post or penultimate post), but I love hibernating, so I sit on the couch, knit and watch Netflix movies.

Kathleen said...

Too freaking cold here to go for a walk. This morning it was a whopping 1 degree Fahrenheit when I walked to work and tomorrow we're supposed to be getting 10" of the white stuff.

Does that make you feel better?

Also, word of warning, MW is a pitbull when he gets to suggesting computer items you need. ;-)

MW (Just 'Cuz) said...

Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!! Kathleen!!! ;-D

magnetbabe said...

I cook a lot more during the winter months. Like you, I try to read more, but it usually just ends in an early bed time. But as Jeni says, and early bed time isn't always a bad thing. ;)

If you are really bored, why don't you come down here and help me with my dissertation? (There aren't a whole lot of people I could extend that offer to...)

fermicat said...

mw - new hardware is not on my list, however, when I get Photoshop Elements 6.0 for Mac I will be havin' some fun!

kat - I crochet... does that count? I don't envy your cold, cold weather. That is the kind of climate that makes you eyeballs hurt, it is so frigid.

magnetbabe - flattering, but I probably wouldn't understand your dissertation. I read PDM's once, and only had a faint idea of what he was talking about, and only because I had taken a class in group theory!

Quite a few of you have suggested sex... If I end up with a bun in the oven, I am blaming all of you.

MW (Just 'Cuz) said...

New hardware is not on my list, however, when I get Photoshop Elements 6.0 for Mac I will be havin' some fun!

Do people still get the winter blahs in Atlanta in late March? ;-)

fermicat said...

That is a good point - late March is practically summertime, but maybe there will be a rainy day here or there... and what if I get the spring blahs?

Kathleen said...

Yup, crocheting totally counts! I hate the eyeballs freezing, and the nose running, even though it's negative 20. How does that happen? Everything is frozen solid except my sinuses? Stupid.