Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Tie one on

Some days you just know that's going to happen and you plan for it. I bought a bottle of wine on the way home and opened it at 6:30. I will most likely consume the entire thing tonight. PDM won't be much help because he is busy working on the six pack I brought him. We both had irritating days. I also have PMS. I don't know what excuse PDM has for being irritated. Maybe he's just feeding off me. It is the end of the semester, which is always a busy time for him. Plus he keeps catching people violating the Honor Code, and many of his students are unhappy with their grades.

My day:

*Morning traffic sucked because of stupid people.
*Got to work only five minutes late. Started boring, routine work.
*Lunchtime finally arrived, but I got an email with urgent work needed for the alternate location, so I postpone lunch. *grrrr*
*More email from the alternate location - something has gone wrong and I try to help them figure out what is the deal. (There is someone assigned there today, but this person is apparently out to lunch or something. Literally.) *damn*
*I finally figure out the problems and get started on lunch at nearly 1pm. After about three bites, my boss comes and says there is a new procedure I need to see. I cover up all the food and go to the machine. *sigh*
*I return 40 minutes later and start eating again. A few minutes later, there is something else I need to see. *sigh*
*I finally finish lunch at 2:15. Work on routine stuff again, until around 3pm.
*I was going to do some patient QA at the machine, but the therapists have already turned it off, in spite of my having scheduled the QA in an obvious way. *sigh*
*I decide the QA can wait until Friday when I am back there again. It is a pain to start up the machine when it has been turned off. I start doing some other routine stuff that most physicists won't touch. *sigh*
*At the end of the day I work on my expense report for last week's trip. This organization is very particular about how you turn in receipts (compared to everywhere else I have worked). I finally get it done in the (hopefully) correct persnickety manner, but the person I need to give it to is gone for the day. I guess I'll turn it in on Friday, my next day there. Good thing I don't need the money right away... *sigh*
*It is time to go now, but I see there is one other thing due, and no other physicist seems to want to pick it up, so I do it. *sigh*
*Traffic is a bitch on the way home. *whatever*
*I stop at the grocery store for supper, beer and wine. People are idiots in the parking lot. I get my stuff and there is an old person in line in front of me who slowly writes a personal check, along with a guy who is buying about a hundred things. *sigh* I get out and people are walking all over the place as slow as they can go. It takes me forever to get out of the damn parking lot. *sigh*
*I fight traffic the rest of the way home, and catch every red light. *whatever*

So that bottle of wine is going down pretty good right about now. I'll probably wake up with a big damn headache and I don't care. I'll just lay that medicine out ahead of time. Sometimes you've gotta say "WTF".

Later: It is now 11:30pm and the wine is long gone. I've already taken a pre-emptory aspirin and am headed for bed. The day did not get much better. PDM didn't realize what I had planned for supper and left out the peppers and onions. *damn* So we'll just have to use them tomorrow night instead. *whatever*



Kathleen said...

Don't you live in Atlanta? Doesn't traffic suck all the time???

I feel your pain re: your work day. I'm trying to plan our move back to Building A but they are short 25 desks. I'm thinking that's a problem, so I called the guy and said I'm definitely going to need desks in the other section we discussed. When I got in this morning I had a message from him saying that I could have 20 desks, but he had to save the rest for another group that's moving AFTER us. Once again my department is being treated like the red-headed stepchild.

fermicat said...

I take back roads into work, and in the summer the commute is usually not bad. Except for the stupid people.

When school starts back it's a whole other ballgame. In spite of having school buses, it seems that nearly every parent feels the need to personally drop their kids off at school, hopelessly clogging all the nearby streets. I drive by three of these schools on my way in. Major suckage.

LL said...

How's the head?

I'm sure the banging and clanging of the MRI won't bother you at all if you've got a headache...

fermicat said...

I'm pleasantly surprised to report that my head is fine. I had a smallish headache early on, but all in all I seemed to have escaped punishment.

NYPinTA said...

Stupid people are the worst. Especially when you are already in a bad mood. And most of them seem to be behind the wheel of a car or congregate in parking lots. At least, that is where I run into them. (Not litrally though- as much as I'd like too.)
Hope today is better.

Jim Donahue said...

Suckiness sucks.

And you can quote me on that.