Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Work Stuff and The Nerd Bowl.

I finally made it to a monthly staff meeting this morning. They happen infrequently enough that I don’t usually remember – it seems like it gets cancelled every other month or so. Also, the meeting starts half an hour before our normal arrival time. Usually I remember there was a staff meeting when I get to work at the usual time and wonder where everybody is. Whoops. But I am trying to be a good employee, so last night I set my alarm earlier and got here with 15 minutes to spare. One of the physicians was giving a talk that had lots to do with DNA and gene markers and stuff like that, but nothing to do with physics. I understood about 2% of it. I had to make an extra cup o’ caffeine when I got back to my office to unglaze my eyes afterward. But hey, I was there.

And speaking of work, last Friday they finally published that new schedule that was supposed to start yesterday. They’ve postponed it until the end of the month, and as I expected, I will be splitting my time between our main facility and an off-campus site. I’m not exactly thrilled with it. But there is nothing like spending time working on three or four patient treatment plans that are all palliative cases, for people who are younger than you, to give you some perspective. Don’t like your work schedule? Hmmm. It doesn’t seem that important when you’ve just worked on the charts for several people who have metastatic cancer and won’t live to be your age.

Let’s move on to something cheerier, shall we? After winning the “Nerd Bowl” with Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech has moved up to #18 in the AP poll. The other polls still have the team we beat ranked higher than us, so they suck and I will ignore them. We had people over to watch the carnage. I mean, game. The refs tried their best to help VT out, and the announcers spent the entire fourth quarter talking about ways in which VT could try to make a comeback, instead of talking about what a great win it was for GT. It was funny how many times the phrase “most important down of the game” was used in a fifteen minute stretch. The announcers seemed greatly disappointed in the outcome. But in spite of all that, we had fun watching it happen. PDM made us a batch of chili that could easily have won a chili cook-off. It was *that* good. Unfortunately, he never uses a recipe and each batch is unique. I think the key was that he made his own chili powder. And there is a “secret ingredient” but if I blabbed it on the internet, it wouldn’t be secret any more. You’ll just have to guess what it is.

I’ll finish off today with a mini-rant. Why oh why do people pay for their $5 lunches with a credit card? And why are they always in line in front of me? Sigh.

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