Monday, November 22, 2010

To Hell With Georgia!

It's rivalry week. Get yer hate on!

Yes, LL, this means I'll be rooting for Boise State next September, because my two favorite teams are GEORGIA TECH and WHOEVER IS PLAYING GEORGIA.

"What's the good word?"


"How 'bout them dawgs?"


Carry on.


Dave said...

I meant to apologize for Miami over Tech. If it helps, I'm on your side this weekend. I wonder what Alabama people are doing this weekend?

fermicat said...

Dave, I have no problems with Miami fans who are actually graduates of Miami. It's the other 90% of Miami fans who give the school a bad rep. For what it's worth, I was rooting for Miami to beat VT last Saturday.

But for this weekend, TO HELL WITH GEORGIA!

Jeni said...

That's one thing I love about you, Fermi! Your loyalty! I can relate to that as it explains how I feel about any team playing against the Yankees, the Cowboys and yes, of course, dear old Penn State too! What I can't comprehend though are people who, because they like this team or that one, resort to some of the behaviors (usually fueled by ingesting a bit too much liquid refreshment at tailgatings) and then resort to really nasty, ignorant behaviors towards people who are fans of the opposition. This has happened several times so far this season in Happy Valley here with Nittany Lion fans being totally ungracious host and piss-poor behaviors.

fermicat said...

Jeni - some fan bases are worse than others in the rudeness department. I hope that Tech fans are gracious hosts. We were treated very well at Clemson last month, I have to say. I've also heard good things about Mississippi State fans. I've been to Athens for The Big Game many times and it is not a pleasant experience for Tech people. We'll be watching from home this year.

LL said...

Damn... now I'm gonna have to root for Georgia next year just because we can't agree on something... ;P

This weekend's shaping up to be quite a week for college ball. Go AZ!!! Go Tide!!!

Oh... and I guess I can probably lean toward GT too... maybe. :ewink:

fermicat said...

Yeah, Tech-UGA is more like a cripple fight this year since both teams are awful. Kind of weird that the 5-6 team is a 15-pt favorite over 6-5 though. Neither team has managed to beat anyone that is good, and both have inexplicable losses to terrible opponents (I'm looking at you, Kansas and Colorado).

LL said...

Well... I guess I'm gonna have to root for GT now. ;)

Dianne said...

so, how do you feel about Georgia?

love your lap fungus condtion, I have a similar condition on my shoulder

fermicat said...

College football rivalries are serious business down here, Dianne. And I certainly don't hate UGA any less after yet another woulda-coulda-shoulda game where we almost won, but didn't.