Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Bad Choices

I'm one of those unenthusiastic voters this year. Voted anyway, renewing my license to complain about the results. The top of the ticket (governor) was particularly unexciting. It was like going to a restaurant and being offered a choice between a vomit milkshake, a turd sammich, or rancid sewer scum souffle. *sigh*

I also didn't appreciate the confusing wording of some of the ballot questions. I ended up voting NO on one of them simply because I couldn't figure out what it meant, and that was after reading it carefully about ten times.

At least today signals the end of the incessant robocalls, endless mailers, and idiotic attack ads. Or maybe not. The Georgia governor's race is likely to require a runoff, insuring that the madness continues for another month. Lovely. Too bad we'll still have the same bad choices on the menu, and they won't smell any better on November 30.


Jeni said...

Well, your post gets my vote, Fermie!
I have to get my fanny moving and go vote too. Top race here of course is the governor's seat and I'm not crazy about either candidate so your description of the choices you had pretty much mirror ours here in PA. So much acrimony in the entire political process this year -lies, lies and more lies, from both sides, in my opinion. One of the big things here is they both claim they will "change Harrisburg" and anyone with a lick of common sense and intelligence has to know that is never gonna happen or at least not by one man as governor. Especially when in the other elections here for house seats, like in our district, the incumbent, although this year he does have an opponent, will still be re-elected even though he is really the epitome of the politician who speaks from both sides of his face, simultaneously. Now if he ever resigns (he's 82 now and looking a lot like Paterno in the retirement thing) or if he's ever unseated, which is highly unlikely to happen, then, if enough others were to be voted out at the same time, they might be able to change Harrisburg a bit, if only for the faces in the seats! Yeah, my attitude pretty much sucks -again this year here. But I can't just not vote either as that would definitely give those clowns free reign for sure. Someone has to speak out whether the voice is heard loud and strong or just a tiny blip that barely registers, ya know!

BC said...

Im not sure what the future holds for NY but at least we get a new man in charge. Could be better, could be worse.

fermicat said...

Not such a great night for what I would want to see happen, but a silver lining: no runoff election for Georgia. The long campaign nightmare is over. No more ads, unwanted phone calls, etc.