Sunday, November 14, 2010

Only the good stuff.

Two good things about the game this weekend:

1) A USAF C-17 flyover.

C-17 Flyover

Day 317 - Flyover

2) Honoring the REAL 1990 National Championship team. The one that had zero losses and didn't need five downs and a questionable call to get their 11-0-1 record. No other team was undefeated that year. I was there for the season, and was in the stands at the Citrus Bowl. That 1990 team rocked! They were honored at halftime and Coach Bobby Ross addressed the crowd. Hmmmm, maybe we should have had him in the locker room firing up the 2010 team.

Celebrating The True 1990 National Champions


LL said...

1990? You're still pining for 1990? Wow... have they really been that bad since?

fermicat said...

We've had some ups and downs. But 1990 was special. It isn't every year that your team wins a national championship. I was in grad school and got to go to all the home games plus the Citrus Bowl (with Dad and some other family and friends). We beat #1 Virginia on the road with a last minute field goal. Watched that game with PDM, 20 years ago when we were just friends. Good times.

Dianne said...

talk about the blue yonder!! what an amazing sky you had that day

fermicat said...

Gorgeous day for football. Blue skies, not too hot or cold. (Too bad the game was so lousy.)

tiff said...

I can't even remember 1990!

Flyovers are sweet.