Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Predictions Come Early This Week

My team plays on Thursday, so the predictions had to be nailed down early this week. Full disclosure: I am a Georgia Tech homer and I don't bet against my team. That frequently comes back to haunt me, because I have BAD sports mojo. Someone once spotted me 50 points and my team lost 51-0. No kidding.

Which brings me to this week's upset specials. First up - my very own Yellow Jackets. We're due for a breakout game, and I am hoping we get it this week, in spite of being 15 point underdogs and not having put together four complete quarters of kick-ass ball so far this season, even though we are eight games in. My other upset entree is NCState over Clemson. I've seen both of those teams play in person and I think NCState is the better of the two.

So here goes:

The Real Tech(+15) 31, FAKE TECH 28 - probably just wishful thinking on my part, but I hope the Ramblin' Wreck waxes the Hokies, who are still complaining about our blocking techniques a year after we beat them in 2009. Man up, Turkeys. And LOSE!!!

NC State(+4) 28, CLEMSON 24 - Seen 'em both, and this is my verdict.

North Carolina(+10) 17, FSU 28 - NC let me down last week, so eff 'em. FSU takes care of business.

Arkansas(+3) 14, SOUTH CAROLINA 21 - SEC, whatever. Don't really care.

LSU(+6.5) 21, Alabama 24 - Les Miles pulls some new trick out of his ass, but Saban's team finds a way to win in spite of Miles' deal with the devil.

Arizona(+7.5) 24, STANFORD 35 - Go Nerds!!! Trees rule!


Dianne said...

I haven't a clue about any of this, I can barely keep up with the NFL but I wanted to say Hi


fermicat said...

Hi Dianne! Thanks for stopping in. I'd be just as clueless about the NFL.

Go Jackets!!

LL said...

Dream a little dream fermi...

And I hope LSU whacks Bama something fierce. Then there's only Auburn and Oregon to go!

fermicat said...

We played the best I've seen all season, but it wasn't enough to win. And now our QB is out for the season. We're mathematically eliminated from winning our conference division, and still need one more win to become bowl eligible. Frell!

As for LSU, I can't stand Les Miles and hope they lose out.

fermicat said...

The day's not over yet, but I am cruising toward a 1-5 performance, or my worst for the year. *sigh*