Friday, December 03, 2010

Crazy Cat Lady?

This little sweetheart got lost and wandered into our yard weekend before last. Lucky break for her. She is/was obviously somebody's housecat. Totally sweet and tame, very cuddly, very healthy, very hungry, and apparently homeless. And it seems like no one is really looking for her. We've checked. Thoroughly. No signs posted, no collar, no microchip, no want ads, no sign of anyone who cares. If one of my cats turned up missing, I'd make sure everyone within a mile radius knew about it.

So it is what it is. And we have another cat. *sigh* But I am NOT a crazy cat lady. I swear. Perfectly normal, in spite of the four and a half cats.

Day 326 - Found and Lost?

So...... what should we name her? We can't call her "new cat" forever.


Jeni said...

Crazy cat lover, maybe? Nothing wrong with that at all in my book, Kiddo! I don't know why but she hits me as being a "Maybelle" -but then, I'm weird with pet names ya know.

LL said...

I'd say call her "The straw that tipped the scales toward crazy cat lady" or straw for short.

fermicat said...

Jeni - we're still trying to figure out her name.

LL - PDM is nodding and saying that he agrees with you. He took in the new cat under duress, which is to say that he had very little choice in the matter.

BC said...

I can think of a million names for her. Shes so pretty. She looks like a Madeline. :o) Or Maddie

Madre Farbot said...

I wants her for meself. Naughty puss, I know. :P

I had a little friend once who I named 'Pussoms'. Not a very clever name, especially when one is calling out that name loudly. I mean, it's bound to be heard as something else, maybe. :P

fermicat said...

Yeah, you definitely have to consider what the neighbors will think if you yell a particular name outside.