Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry, Merry!

Day 338 - Lights

Happy Christmas from Fermi and her cats. PDM, too.


LL said...

It's a bird! Where's the plane and Superman? ;P

Hope you, PDM, and the kiddos have a great one. Don't let them OD on catnip though...

But you can give PDM all the booze and hookers he can stand.

fermicat said...

PDM got some booze, but sadly... no hookers.

And we southerners got a white Christmas this year!

Jeni said...

I'm loving the lights on that tree, Fermie! Just so pretty the way the green, blue and gold all accent off each other!
Our dog, Sammy, had some issues today with too much celebrating last night as I had allowed him to enjoy the bone from our Christmas ham! Unfortunately, when it came back up, he was parked on the loveseat and Grammie then had to scrub the side of the loveseat as well as the side and a corner of the top of the cushion! Nice. NOT! The cat -good old Fluffnuts -though had an excellent holiday roaming the neighborhood and in and out of the house about every 30 minutes, or so it seemed anyway!
Merry Christmas to you and PDM and also to those fur babies of yours toO!

BC said...

Very pretty tree. Hope you all had a great holiday and that Santa was good to you.

Word Verif: carrarsh... sounds like what happens when kitty plays with trees :o)

fermicat said...

Jeni - thanks, and merry Christmas to you as well.

BC - the cats are why we didn't have the big tree up this year. It stayed in the basement and out of trouble.

BC said...

Thats why I have nothing breakable. Seems kitty loves the sparkly ones and runs off with them. I didnt put up the big tree either. Cami wanted the small white one and decorated it with red and green.