Monday, December 20, 2010

Night Owls Rejoice!

A total lunar eclipse ushers in the winter solstice tonight. Will be visible throughout USA, although a bit on the late side for us east coast people. Main part of the show starts at 2:40am EST, maximum of eclipse 3:17am EST (blood red moon! cool!), end of totality 3:53am EST. Always a good show.

Here is a bad photo of the February 20, 2008 eclipse (with Regulus and Saturn as part of the dance) I shot with my old point-n-shoot camera hand held behind my binoculars:

Eclipsed Moon with Regulus and Saturn

It is tempting to stay up tonight and try again with the DSLR. Or maybe just set my alarm to catch the peak. Hmmmmm.


LL said...

Seems you and PinTA are sharing a brain today... so I'll leave you the same comment.

I might even stay up and watch it, but... it's mighty cloudy out, and I'm wagering there'll be no joy in mudville tonight.

fermicat said...

Great minds and all that.

Actually P's post looks much prettier than mine. She had the good sense NOT to use her own crappy photo.

And it's started clouding up here now. Thin clouds, but they'll probably do an adequate job of hiding the blood red moon. *sigh* I'll still set my alarm for 3am just in case.

fermicat said...

Got up and checked around 3am, but it was a bust. Too cloudy. Couldn't see a thing. Thanks for nothin', Ma Nature.

LL said...

Same here...

Dianne said...

it was too overcast here
I tried but couldn't see it

have a wonderful holiday
hugs to the kitties