Friday, September 17, 2010

What you lookin' at?

Day 253 - Tomcat

He's back, on a two-to-three day rotation, and that is all we get.

Tomcats... You can love 'em, but you can't trust 'em.

That said, I have a serious weak spot for ole Romeo. He's the bomb.


LL said...

*shakes head slowly*

Jeni said...

I'm chuckling here, looking at the pic of old Romeo! He certainly has mastered the art of using the "evil eye" on people, things, life, etc., hasn't he? Fluff-nuts, our house Tomcat here, has a fixation for wanting to repose in my computer chair and frequently gives me the very evil eye when I shoo him out of it so I can use it. Sharing things apparently is way beyond a cat's way of thinking, isn't it?

fermicat said...

LL - you're doing a lot of head shaking over here today.

Jeni - cats are good at communicating, even without being able to talk.