Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Still Behind the Tech Curve

Apparently, RSS feed readers are passe. This was news to me. I still check my trusty feed reader many times daily. Unfortunately, my RSS aggregator of choice is Bloglines, and they are getting out of the RSS feed business. They seem to think that people don't need RSS readers now that they have Facebook and Twitter. I disagree. Which means that I need to find a new RSS service to indulge my several-times-a-day habit.

Any recommendations? The obvious choice would be Google Reader. I'm just not sure I want to turn over yet another piece of my online self to the Google monster. They already know far too much about me. Are there any other decent feed readers out there? I really liked the Bloglines user interface, and would prefer something similar.


Dave said...

I use Google Reader - may as well keep everything with one, kind of honest, company.

LL said...

Don't you just check all the various blogs once a day? Where would the fun be in having something tell you who updated?

fermicat said...

Dave - it is probably inevitable, but I will still look around for alternatives.

LL - if people actually updated on a regular basis (hinthint), your method would be fun. But usually it is an exercise in futility. I like it when my feed reader just tells me when there is something new somewhere.

LL said...

Wha? I've made my post for the month already... sheesh, what do you expect from me? Productivity or blogging? :ewink: