Sunday, September 26, 2010


Respecting the 24-hour rule, I can now say a few things about the game on Saturday. Apparently, my team just isn't all that good. I didn't see much to encourage me on Saturday. Usually, I can find a bright side. Not so much this time. It is possible we made our opponent look better than they are. They looked very good to me.

I cannot remember EVER being that hot during a football game. Maybe you don't notice when you are winning, and we usually don't drop a home game in September. At any rate, the Atlanta area set a heat record for 9/25 and I believe it. We were in the sun until the middle of the second half, sweating our asses off. The concession stands in our area ran out of bottled water around halftime. The EMTs had their hands full with dozens of cases of heat exhaustion. I got a raccoon sunburn on my face (everywhere except where my sunglasses covered). We were behind the entire game and it was miserable. The only bright spot was the almost comeback when we brought it within 3, but that didn't last.

But you know, that was last week and tomorrow is another day. We've got another game on Saturday. PDM and I will cook another awesome meal, and have people over, and hopefully our team will get it together and kick some butt! And no matter what happens, we will enjoy this season of college football. I'm not a Tech fan because they win. It is in my blood. They are my team, no matter what.


Jeni said...

I was beginning to get a bit worried about you as I read this post until I came to the paragraph about there being another week, another game, another day, type of thoughts expressed. YES! Fermi's back and she'll be fine backing her team once more!
Just think of that good old gal, Scarlett ya know. Positivity!

fermicat said...

What else can you do? I can't get out there and play, so every week I do my part and develop selective amnesia and pretend my guys are #1. Like I've said, the kool-aid is delicious. I am a Tech person no matter what happens with sports.