Thursday, September 23, 2010

Even More Bad Football Picks

Last week was my best yet. 4-2 straight up and 3-3 against the spread. Maybe I'll still trend up this week.

As per usual, underdogs listed first with spread and home teams are in CAPS.

Virginia Tech(+2) 21, BOSTON COLLEGE 17 - easy money, if I actually wagered any

North Carolina State(+9) 28, GEORGIA TECH 38 - Go Jackets!!! Win! Cover!

Wake Forest(+19) 21, FSU 45 - yes, I think F$U will crush Weak Florist like a bug

ARKANSAS(+1) 24, Alabama 35 - easiest decision ever

South Carolina(+1) 24, AUBURN 21 - why not?

NOTRE DAME(+1) 14, Stanford 17 - Trees rule.

I'll be at the Tech game at noon gettin' another weird sunburn. Last home game my cleavage got burned. Among other things. Dang. I think I will be more careful with the sunblock this time. And maybe wear a hat.


LL said...

I'm thinkin' you're correct on all but the Tech pick... +9? I dunno...

fermicat said...

I went back and forth on that one. Optimism won out. (And the Kool-aid tastes great!)

Jeni said...

Good luck with your picks!

fermicat said...

The second one is the only one I really care about. Good luck to Penn State as well.

LL said...

Do I even need to say anything?

fermicat said...