Friday, September 17, 2010

More Really Bad Football Picks

Last week's bloodbath: 3-3, and 1-5 against the spread. Only marginally better than my first week (thank you very little, GT).

This week's strategy: WAG

GEORGIA(+2.5) 30, Arkansas 24

Brigham Young(+8) 24, FSU 35

TENN(+15) 17, Florida 28

Clemson(+6) 14, AUBURN 21

TEXAS TECH(+7.5) 31, Texas 28

Maryland(+13) 10, WEST VA 24

First team listed is underdog, home team in CAPS. I'm going out on a limb for a Texas Tech upset. Why the hell not? Also, I picked UGA to win so they'll get another dose of my bad mojo. It worked last week.


LL said...

*shakes head slowly*


Dave said...

You are going to lose the Clemson/Auburn bet too.

fermicat said...

LL - pfftfhpbfgt.

Dave - I wouldn't mind at all if I am wrong about Clemson, or Maryland for that matter. The ACC needs some out of conference wins. I don't think Duke is going to be able to pull that off (but I will definitely watch that game and root for the miracle).

Looks like Dr. Lou agrees with me about the Texas Tech upset. Maybe that will happen and help me in the prediction contest - so far only three of us have gone out on that limb.