Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Next Day

Well... the sun came up today, just like usual. The world didn't end.

We didn't get home until after 2am last night, and I was up until 3:30, so I put on eye shades and slept late today. No hangover. Cooked some breakfast for PDM and our guests using the last of the eggs, bacon and cheese. Did a few hours of therapeutic yard chores to work out my frustration and disappointment. Hard labor can soothe a troubled mind. Or at least make you so tired you don't care any more. Sort of. Got in a few winks and then had a big steak dinner. Tomorrow the regular routine kicks in again. Life goes on. But I might not have a pep in my step for a while yet.


Jeni said...

Yeah, I've noticed that too, that no matter how glum things might be or seem when we go to sleep, the sun always does rise again the next morning.
Yard work is a good way to wear yourself out and because it gives you new things -like aches and pains, ya know, it does mask over the old stuff a bit, doesn't it?

fermicat said...

My dawg co-workers are giving me hell today. *sigh*

dr sardonicus said...

There's still the ACC championship game and a slot in a BCS bowl with a win. Two more wins give GT a 12-2 record and would likely restore them to the Top 10 in the final poll. That ain't too shabby.

LL said...

Bah... you should'a gone to a school with a perennial shitty football team like I did. Then you'd never have any expectations of winning and would only be pleased when they actually pulled it off.

Or you could just garden... :ewink:

fermicat said...

Doc - Big game this weekend, no doubt. And hopefully a BCS bowl to follow. Winning both would go a long way towards healing Saturday's wounds. Our current record of 10-2 is better than I thought we'd be this year. But I am worried about a repeat of 2006. That year, we came into the rivalry game hot at 9-2, then proceeded to lose the UGA game, the ACC championship game (in an awful, touchdown-less snoozefest), and our bowl game to finish a lackluster 9-5. We have a much better coach now - I don't think he will let us down, but the players have to come out hungry and I did not see that last weekend.

LL - sounds like Tech in the 70s! (Or my high school.) I hope I won't have to garden because of football again this season. There is always basketball to help me keep my yard looking good. :-)