Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Island Dreams

dreamy trees

The island trip was nice, but too short. Seeing family was nicer, and now I am back home and PDM's family is here for the holiday.

It was overcast and gray the whole time on Saint Simons Island. I only took a few photographs. I liked this one of the trees. Spanish moss is a parasite, but it is pretty. This was taken at Fort Frederica.

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all.


Dave said...

I've got a picture, somewhere, pre-digital, of a church somewhere on the island with a very green lawn bordered by moss covered trees with afternoon sunlight. I've got to find it. It's a slide, so I think that means it's in one of two or three boxes in the closet.

Happy Thanksgiving.

LL said...

Good to see you checked in... I was worried you'd just stayed on vacation forever. ;)

Have fun with the inlaws tomorrow and have a great day!

Jeni said...

The coloring of something or other with the branches of those trees almost gives the appearance they they have a little ice coating them -something I know which is probably pretty far-fetched for that area but just looks that way to me. Maybe I'm just accustomed to seeing so darned much icy stuff on trees that I see it everywhere now. LOL -hope not!
Glad you had a nice vacation though and aren't they always too darned short?

fermicat said...

Dave - sounds like Christ Church. They've got a graveyard with lots of old (and new) graves in it, and a long history with the island.

LL - it was a nice break, except for the long drive to and from.

Jeni - that's awful that you are already dealing with ice. The gray stuff hanging from the trees is spanish moss. It is a parasite, but it's pretty. I did some layering in photoshop to give the image a dreamy look -- the moss is much sharper and clearer in the original photo.

Dianne said...

that's a fantastic photo

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving