Tuesday, November 11, 2008

"Would you like to save 10% on today's purchase?"

No, I would like for you to STOP ASKING ME THAT QUESTION every time I come in here.


Kathleen said...


Dianne said...

I've been working PT on and off for one of the large retail chains and we are reprimanded if we don't ask.

There are meetings where we're basically threatened under the guise of motivation. The regional office sets absurd goals and they are posted where we sign in, where we eat lunch.

It is a constant pressure.

I was reprimaned for not asking an elderly lady who clearly couldn't stand much longer and seemed a bit tired or confused.

People have to ask for the store manager. Or the credit manager - every store has one - ours was a pit bull. And even then the poor cashier will probably get in trouble.

Cashiers who don't get enough credit apps are given the lousy schedules and basically treated like crap.

LL said...

Stop going there.

Debo Blue said...

I never knew those folks were required to get credit apps. When I'm asked I just smile and decline.

How about when you're in the store and ask an employee where a particular item is and they insist on walking you to the item?

fermicat said...

kat - Target, TJMaxx, Old Navy, all the major department stores, etc. Pretty much everywhere except the grocery store. Drives me nuts.

dianne - I figure they have to ask, but don't the managers realize it annoys the crap out of their customers to be badgered about it?

ll - I'd never be able to buy anything.

debo - it gets tiresome having to decline every time. I don't want dozens of credit cards. As for walking you to an item, maybe that is a directive from management as well. At our clinic, we are instructed to escort patients to where they need to be if they ask for directions, rather than simply point the way. I usually walk with them until they can see the door where they need to be, then let them go on alone.

Dianne said...

ll has a point, stop going there but first tell them that you're going to stop - it might add up after a while.

I can't tell you how often I begged the manager to at least let me use my judgement. I worked in one of the high end departments, eveyone used their Amex but still I was supposed to ask them if they wanted a crappy store card!!

or bothering some poor Mom who has a screaming kid with her.

to a very large degree the store level managers are puppets to the regional office. they are not trained very well and they too are often threatened.

fermicat said...

dianne - I don't shop very often, anywhere, other than the grocery store. I don't have the patience for shopping. It is not a recreational activity for me. But once in a while I do shop for other things besides food. It gets tiring that every store is hawking their own credit cards. I don't need it or want it, and don't like being asked every damn time. But you can't escape it because they are all doing it.