Friday, November 28, 2008




Dave said...

Ya'll are favored by the AJC writers, not a good sign.

dr sardonicus said...

I'm agnostic when it comes to this particular rivalry.

I laid a tag on you earlier this week, in case you missed it. Please forgive me.

fermicat said...

Dave - jinx! Or maybe they're trying to get UGA all fired up. Either way, it was unexpected and it worries me.

dr s - I was brought up this way. I have to care about it. It's in my blood. I'll be back to normal next week, one way or the other. I did see your tag and will get to it soon.

LL said...

Go Dawgs!

My high school coach would have wanted me to say that.

Jeni said...

Now THAT was a nifty little video which should guarantee to get the fans all stirred up! Whether it works the same way for players on the team -well, time will tell on that, won't it?

We're still smelling rosebuds here in Nittany Lion Country. Hope GT brings you more than just the smell of victory but the taste, loud and strong, too!

fermicat said...

LL - I'm considering that to be a counter-jinx, so thanks.

jeni - we play a version of that video on the jumbotron before each game and it really gets the crowd pumped up. The end part is slightly different each year, but this is the most recent I could find. On this year's version, they show the new coach Paul Johnson's first presser at the end and the crowd always goes wild!