Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Multitasking Exhaustion, Dark Evenings, Droopy Tails, and Signing Day

I multi-tasked my butt off at work today. It was mentally exhausting. We've had a lot of people out this week - some due to business travel and some due to illness - and the rest of us have to pull up the slack. What we do is too important to risk sleepwalking through it, or not paying attention. I went through the day feeling like a juggler with 2-3 balls constantly in the air. When I got home, I immediately flopped down on the couch for a long winter's nap. Then we went to a local mom 'n pop Italian restaurant, because neither of us felt like cooking. Chicken piccata... mmmmmmm. And as an added bonus, there are plenty of leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

How long until daylight savings time kicks in? Another month? Can't be soon enough. I'm tired of dark evenings. For me, it isn't about energy savings (there really isn't any savings - it is a wash). It is about having more daylight in the evening when I get home from work and could make use of the time to do outside stuff. Or just not feel like it is later than it is...

In the bad news department, when he got home from work PDM noticed that Zima cannot lift her tail. The part nearest her body lifts up, but the rest of it just sags and drags. No visible damage other than the droopiness, but it is very sensitive to touch judging from her reaction. Not sure what happened or exactly when, but it looks like I will be calling the vet tomorrow morning to get her checked out.

Last but not least, today was Signing Day for college football. This is a Big Deal here in the south, where college football is at least as important as religion or politics. Unlike the pro draft, where the worst teams get a shot at the best players, in college football the best teams generally get the best players. Sure, there are a lot of NCAA rules about how it's done, but the bottom line is that all is fair in love and recruiting, and there is usually some drama right up until everyone turns in their letters of intent. In our case, Duke stole back a recruit that we stole from them. C'est la vie. (Aside - why on earth would anyone want to play football for Duke?!?) In spite of both a coaching change and a major change in the type of offense we will run (switching from pro-style to the spread option), Georgia Tech managed to pick up twenty new Yellow Jackets. All in all, we exceeded my meager expectations. I don't get too excited about individual recruits until I see them on the field. Put up or shut up. But I'm already looking forward to August. Go Jackets! THWUGA!


Jeni said...

Boy, am I ever with you and the daylight savings time! Hurry up and get here, please!!!
The cat - what the heck could happen to a cat that would cause that? (No intent to mock the "Cat in the Hat there -it just came out that way.)

And, I remember all too well days at places where I worked and we would be short-handed but the same amount, if not more work still to be done and having to kick my butt into gear to work harder, longer hours some times then too -just a royal pain in the dupa that I am more than happy to have that all in my past life now. Don't miss that crapola side of work one teensy, tiny bit, ya know!

Dianne said...

I hope Zima is OK. Please do let us know.

It's starting to stay lighter longer and it does feel better especially when you start your work day in the dark and end it in the dark.

Makes a person feel - dark ;)

Dave said...

And your view on your new quarterback, whomever he will be?

fermicat said...

Zima is OK. Some other cat (Silvio? Skittles?) bit her tail.

dave - no idea who the next QB will be. Could be Nesbitt or Booker, but I suspect at least one of the newly signed QBs (Jaybo Shaw or Tevin Washington) will see significant playing time. Coach Johnson has also said the the next QB could be someone off the defense. Spring football might actually be interesting this year...