Saturday, October 02, 2010

Moderately Bad Football Picks?

I've gone 4-2 for the last two weeks now, so I can't say my picks are *really* bad. Last week I was also 4-2 against the spread, which is my best week yet. The name change on this post has probably doomed this week's picks to utter failure, because that's the way my sports mojo works.

My upset pick of the week is NC State over VT, 21-17. NCSU is the real deal -- I saw it in person last Saturday.

I've got everyone else winning and covering:

WAKE FOREST(+10) 10, GT 21 - I think the actual spread may be much higher, but lets not get crazy and throw in my bad mojo.

Florida(+9) 13, ALABAMA 24 - I don't think Floridy has any chance this year.

CLEMSON(+3) 20, Miami 28 - this one was tough. I want Clemson to win and have seen them play well, but I haven't yet seen them play good and tough for all four quarters. If Clemson can't bring it for the entire game, Miami will take this one even with Jacory "Interception Man" Harris doing his usual stuff to help the Clemson defense.

COLORADO(+4) 17, Georgia 31 - another tough one for a different reason. I don't like either of these teams. You all know how I feel about UGA. You may not know that Colorado has been spouting off lately about how they were the "consensus national champs" in 1990. Twenty years later they still manage to piss me off (and apparently do not understand what the word "consensus" means). How about the fact that they had one loss, won another game because the refs gave them a fifth down, and won their bowl game due to a bad call against ND? Also, the Coaches Poll begs to differ! Georgia Tech went undefeated in 1990. The Buffs can kiss my grits. Too bad someone has to win this week's match up, but since Colorado is awful and Georgie's back is against the wall I am going with the stupid Dawgs on this one. Blech.

Texas(+4) 17, Oklahoma 24 - I don't really care who wins this one, but Oklahoma is playing much better football than Texas so I went with the favorite.

Goooooooooooo Jackets! Sting 'em!


LL said...

fermi, fermi, fermi...

fermicat said...

4-2 straight up, 3-3 against the spread (my own team being the let down there), but I will take it. I don't mind being wrong about UGA (not at all) and while we didn't beat the spread, the team found a way to win. Too bad about NCSU, so there are now no undefeated teams in the ACC.

Next two games are at home and I will be there.

LL said...

I thought your boys were gonna blow that one. If your receivers would just catch the ball... you'd do a lot better. But I guess a win is a win.

fermicat said...

I cringe every time we throw a pass. We really miss Bay-Bay Thomas! They seemed to do better with the passing game at the end during the hurry-up offense. Maybe they were over thinking it when the game pace is slower?

Winning ugly is better than losing...