Saturday, October 30, 2010

Can't lose, right?

My team cannot lose this weekend (due to an open date), but I've still made some of my usual lousy predictions. I didn't publish last week's due to travel - vacation, followed by a road trip to Clemson - but I did about like usual.

Upset specials: Georgia over Florida (still can't understand why UGA is the underdog when UF clearly sucks this year, but whatever...) and Wake Forest over Maryland. UM's record looks good until you realize they haven't really played anyone yet.

Home team is in CAPS and underdog is listed first with (+pt spread).

Mich St(+4.5) 21, IOWA 28 - Iowa is simply the better team

Georgia(+1.5) 17, Florida (at Jax) 14 - would love to see the Dawgs go down, but not counting on it

Missouri(+6) 20, NEBRASKA 21 - Mizzou is good, but I see Nebraska winning a close one

USC(+7) 20, Oregon 35 - Kiffin gets waxed

Duke(+14.5) 14, NAVY 31 - wasn't sure about the Middies beating the spread, but I am thinking they will

Wake Forest(+7.5) 24, MARYLAND 21 - the Demon Deacons will get it done


LL said...

Lookin' good so far...

Even though I hate to admit it, I will be pulling for USC today, but I doubt I'll watch.

fermicat said...

Well, my Wake upset is looking ridiculous now, but you know I only pick Georgia to transfer my bad mojo to them.

Really shocked that Duke beat Navy, which does not bode well for us on 11/20.

Jeni said...

Did you happen to hear the good news from yesterday? There is joy aplenty today in "Happy Valley" because Penn State whipped Michigan last night! I am really excited about this win -obviously, as well as being quite astonished because if I remember correctly it's only their 2nd (or is it their 3rd) win thus far this season! Does give a body renewed hope though, ya know. See, miracles can happen!

fermicat said...

Jeni - that is great for you guys! I totally missed that when checking scores. Some of the crazy upsets make me hopeful that Tech might get one or two. Like maybe on Thursday when we play that other "Tech" school at their place. GO JACKETS!!