Friday, October 01, 2010

Just for Dave: POUNCE!!

Dave wondered about the absence of action in my cat photos last week, so this one is dedicated to him:

Day 273 - Pounce!

That is genuine motion blur on the cat. I did not doctor it up in photoshop.

For the record, Silvio did catch the chipmunk he pounced on. Then let it go and caught it again. And again. And again (FUN!). The game finally stopped when Zima showed up and ate it. And then promptly threw it up.

I won't even go in to how Zima chewed one of its legs off before it was dead and I had to get PDM to come out and humanely kill it. Because that part of cat ownership really sucks.


Dave said...

All of the great artists consider their fans.

fermicat said...

I think I've only got about half a dozen readers these days. Shouldn't be too hard to make them happy (except for LL - because I refuse to give up the cat posts).

Dave said...

Many artists are unappreciated in their time.

Go Braves! Go Tech! Go Falcons! Dawgs, don't look too bad, you're favored over Colorado.

There, I got that out of my system.

LL said...

Damn cat posts...

Dianne said...

that is some blur of action!
very cool
my guys don't go outside so I have to try and set up action shots based on chasing funny toys or breaking things

Jenn said...

LOL. I'd make Doc kill it too.

BTW we both posted.

don't faint.

fermicat said...

LL - heh.

Dianne - I have one or two cool toy action photos, but live prey makes it that much easier.

Jenn - :thud: How the hell have you been!?!

BC said...

Thats why my cat is an indoor cat. One night she did catch a mouse, left it alive, and brought it to me. Of course I released it.