Saturday, October 16, 2010

Football Picks - Can I Go 4-2 Again?

Once again, I was 4-2 straight up last week (but only 2-4 against the spread). I do get to claim bragging points for being one of the few to predict the 'Bammer upset, which made me feel all smart and stuff, and for once my team beat the spread.

This week's upset specials are UVA over UNC, who hasn't won in Charlottesville since I was in high school, and Okie State over Texas Tech just because. UNC may be due, but I ain't seein' it this year. Then again, I've been wrong before (at least two times per week).

Middle Tenn State(+20) 10, GEORGIA TECH 35 - not sure about the 20-pt spread but hope springs eternal and we need a big win before the toughest part of our schedule kicks in next week

VIRGINIA(+6.5) 21, North Carolina 20 - may be wishful thinking, but I'd like to see the 'Hoos get a win

Southern Methodist(+4) 10, NAVY 28 - got a soft spot for Coach Johnson's old team

Texas(+8) 20, NEBRASKA 42 - big time revenge game that'll have people literally seeing red

MICHIGAN(+3) 17, Iowa 28 - Ricky will rock this game and RichRod will be unhappy

Oklahoma State(+3) 35, TEXAS TECH 31 - for no particular reason at all


LL said...

Two more undefeateds fall...

Yeah baby!!!

fermicat said...

I'm rooting for the chaos this year, since my team is out of the polls. Then I'll munch some popcorn and watch the fireworks.

And whaddaya know? I went 4-2 again. That appears to be my ceiling. I should've know better than to pick Virginia, but Texas was a genuine surprise.