Friday, July 16, 2010

Bored Now

Day 164 - Yawn

Summer doldrums. Hot. Sticky. Boring. Ho hum.


ctheokas said...

Hmmmm. No comment from LL. Could he be in trouble!?!

fermicat said...

Nah, he just hates cats.

Jenn said...

Oh I see another comment to be deleted by blog administrator.

I feel like Moxy - that is moxy in the pic right?

Things to do but why not yawn and lay there.

Jenn said...

some interesting comments over @ flicker on the pic's of Zima I pulled up. Some peeps are a little judgmental?

fermicat said...

Jenn - it is getting hard to keep up with the Asian porn spam comments. And yes, that is Moxy in this week's catblog. As for Flickr comments - some people are a little egotistical regarding the quality of their own work relative to that of others. :-) We don't all have $10,000 cameras and the professional version of Photoshop.