Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Lots of new options for templates on Blogger. Couldn't resist. And so much easier than painting the house.

A few short shots.

1. Work is really trying my patience. Oh what the hell. My patience lasted about five minutes, and then I just about exploded. *sigh* Whatever. I'll get over it. Because I like having a job.

2. Fermicat's law of occasional banking: If you let a few checks sit around your house for months and then finally take them to the bank, you will find another check in your mailbox the minute you get home. I shit you not.

3. Old comedy shows contain jokes that are REALLY DATED. Tonight's show seemed like a blast from the distant past, but it was only five years old. Wow. And now they are showing stuff from the late 80s. OK, that schtick is really old. Funny, but old.


LL said...

I think your blog is coming down with something... it's looking a little green.

BTW, which show?

fermicat said...

Yes, green for the summer! It is very green around here. I am mercurial. It will change again, trust me.

We were watching a Dennis Miller special from 2005, then a Rodney Dangerfield hosted special from the late 80s with several guest comics, including Jeff Foxworthy before he hit the big time.

LL said...

Wow... you were in the ol' wayback machine. Does Mr. Peabody know?

fermicat said...


Jenn said...

i like the new look, my fav color