Friday, June 11, 2010

Lodge Cats

Happy Cat at the Lodge

Sitting Cat

Some comfy cats at the lodge in Utah where we stayed on vacation. Ah, I miss vacation...

They also had buffalo.

Lodge Buffalo




LL said...

Did you get in any chip tossin' while you were on vaca?

Should'a... don't know what you're missin' out on... I mean c'mon... how many chances in life do you actually have to throw buffalo chips?

fermicat said...

Hmmm. The Lodge offered fly fishing, but not chip tossin'. Sounds like I really missed out!

Dianne said...

what a beautiful place!
your photos are outstanding

fermicat said...

It was a wonderful area, with great scenery all around. Of course I also think that cats improve any scene!

Thanks for the compliment.

Jenn said...

that is a funny looking cat