Monday, June 07, 2010

The Peep Toe Rebellion

Day 158 - Peep Toes

Like most places of business, my employer has a dress code. Some of it makes sense, and some of it doesn't. For example, you can wear a short skirt, but not capri pants or city shorts or skorts, all of which are more modest than a short skirt. Unnatural hair color is not allowed (but seen all over the place), as are "prominent visible tattoos" (which the chairman's secretary sports very visibly on her upper arms). Red nail polish is on both the approved and the prohibited list! The kicker is that the dress code isn't evenly enforced, at least as far as I can tell. I see gross violations on a daily basis. So when our administrator wants our department to toe the line, it causes a lot of resentment when we see other departments getting away with a lot of stuff that doesn't fly in our neck of the woods.

I can see the need for many of the provisions if an employee has patient contact, or works in a lab, or does other dangerous or messy jobs. For those who spend their days toiling behind a desk with a computer, some rules appear to be quite arbitrary. At any rate, when the person who enforces the rules doesn't strictly adhere to them, they lose any moral authority they had in being the person to say "no". And that is exactly the situation in my department.

Thus... the peep toe rebellion. Sure, we are supposed to wear closed toe shoes. But this is the deep south in hot weather. And the admin has been seen upon multiple occasions wearing peep toed shoes. With no hosiery. Also a violation. Hah!

So I've stopped just walking on by the rows and rows of cute shoes in the shoe store that don't exactly fit with the dress code. I won't do a flagrant disregard of the rules and wear completely open toed shoes. But if a toe or two happens to just peek out of my shoes, I ain't sweatin' it. I'm a (tiny little) rebel.


Jeni said...

Well, in my opinion,if you were to wear those shoes in the pic you posted, I'd give you an A+ for good taste! Really like those puppies!

tiff said...

vive la revolucion!

Dress codes eat it. I'm sure my employer HAS one, but I've seen all manner of dress at the office so am pretty sure nobody enforces it.

ctheokas said...

You're such a rebel, Fermi. Be careful! They'll label you an Anarchist!

LL said...

I say go for broke...

go naked.

fermicat said...

Jeni - those are my shoes!

tiff - As a well-known blogger would say it, dress codes eat it from the ass in. I'm done with that.

ctheokas - baby steps. In my cute little peep toed shoes. :-)

LL - no one wants to see that.

BC said...

We have to have a dress code at my work. Professionalism at its best. Role models. Some of us follow it and some of us dont. For the sake of the actual position, there are a lot of us that wear jeans and sneakers. They dont care about open toed shoes but frown on flip flops. But there are some that do wear them. Revealing clothing is a no-no for obvious reasons. But for people in my position, its a must to wear something you are comfortable in and also to be able to react on a seconds notice to have to run. We wear capris and long shorts too. Its too hot here lately and no AC.

I love those shoes. I say go for it. And they are probably better looking than the boss's shoes. :o)