Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Weekend Unplugged

Day 129 - Waterfall

Spent a three-day weekend up in the mountains. No internet, no TV. Never missed the tube at all, and the only time I missed the internet is when we decided to go hiking on a different mountain and I didn't have a Georgia map with me. We ended up finding a rudimentary map of the area on the back of the park brochure that was good enough and didn't have any trouble getting to the trailhead (other than dealing with some dickwad yokel tailgating me the last several miles).

We had some (mostly) quiet R&R, along with a few nice hikes. The cooler weather worked out just fine. Much more pleasant for hiking, and was just chilly enough to make it worth building a fire at night. Saw a few critters, including a rat snake in the middle of the trail, and a couple of lizards. The night sky was amazing. I'm thinking I should unplug more often.

Photo: Gold Mine Creek cascades down the mountainside along the Big Rock Nature Trail at Fort Mountain State Park.


LL said...


Besides... trees, water, and rocks? I can get all that in my front yard!

Jeni said...

Love the picture but I gotta tell you this too -last weekend, I spent Saturday thru Monday evening at a hospital in Pittsburgh. Had TV, some craft stuff with me that I could play with and keep busy but man-oh-man, I really did miss the good old internet. No e-mail, no blogs to read, no facebook updates and I was pretty lost. But I did come home rested so guess it was worth it all in the end then, wasn't it? Just took me FOREVER it seemed to get my reader cleaned out though! I can't just click "Mark all as read" cause I'm too afraid I might miss the post of the decade or century from someone on my reader.

Jenn said...

looks like my driveway 10 days ago! unplugging is so right. glad you had a great time!

trinamick said...

Very cool pic! B&W just makes everything look better.

I would love to have one weekend with no cell phone. I avoid the internet as much as possible on the weekends, but a little less technology occasionally would be great.

fermicat said...

LL - these trees, water and rocks are prettier than the ones in my yard.

Jeni - sorry to hear about your weekend in the hospital. I'll have to stop by your blog to catch up on what I missed!

Jenn - water has receded for you, I hope?

trinamick - thanks. I liked this one better sans color. As for the cellphones, we ended up keeping ours off most of the time because being on analog (out in the sticks) was sucking up battery power and we didn't think to bring a charger.