Thursday, May 06, 2010


Can't have Critter Week without bugs.


Katydids sing to us on summer nights. And they're kind of cute.

another mantid

Mantids look scary, but they eat other bugs. Cool by me.

scary gaze

This one's looking at me.

cicada 7:42am

Cicadas make a huge racket on hot summer days. This one just molted and is drying its wings. They are large bugs, which is really fun when one gets in the house. Fun for the cats. Not the humans.

a bee, stuffing his face

Bees are always welcome in the garden.


LL said...

Don't have katydids out here so I'm not sure what they sound like, but there's nothing quite like the sound that cicadas make when there's about 3000 of them in chorus.

Dave said...

Let's just make sure we don't change the number of legs and move into the bad kind of bug.

fermicat said...

LL - This site, track #6 Katydid north. That is what they sound like. They sound like their name.

Dave - got a thing against spiders?

Jeni said...

Now I'm not a true fan of insects per se but I do like these pictures of these neat insects a hell of a lot better than those darned snake shots that about scared the living bejesus out of me. Insects and cats -I think you're hitting your stride now, Girl!

fermicat said...

I like photographing bugs (and spiders), but I freak out if I find one crawling on me.

Jenn said...

you got a really nice camera