Sunday, August 09, 2009

Oh, Canada!

Lake Louise
Photograph: Victoria Glacier and reflection from Lake Louise early in the morning, August 2, 2009.

We're back.

The Canadian Rockies are incredibly beautiful in August. Photographs do not do it justice - you have to take in the entire vista with your own eyes. Even the money is pretty. We had a very good time and might even have lost a bit of weight with all of the hiking we did. I took over 850 photographs, which will take a little time to sort out. I will no doubt share them one area at a time.

If any of you are contemplating a trip to the Canadian Rockies - do it! And get this book, which was an indispensable guide: Parkways of the Canadian Rockies. I have the third edition, copyright 1988 that I purchased during my 1994 visit, but there is a spiffy new 5th edition that I saw in a bookstore at Lake Louise Village that looked great.

We were sorry to have to leave it all behind to go back home (and to a heat wave, no less). We both have a lot of bullshit to "look forward to" at work. But it was a great week off - no TV, no news, no internet (except trail reports, weather, and checking in with Mom once a day), no phones, no nothing except boots on the trail and some good chow when we got back to our temporary home base of Lake Louise Village.


LL said...

Rocks and water? You went to Canada and took pictures of rocks and water? *sigh* Cityfolk... :P

fermicat said...

What am I supposed to take pictures of? People? Ugh.

Jeni said...

Keep taking pictures of rocks and water, kid. Especially if they are of views like the one in the photo you posted. How awesome! Two of my fav bloggers live in British Columbia (Bernie at Cariboo Ponderer and Smalltown RN) and both of them frequently post some gorgeous photographs of the scenery in and around where they live.
Sounds like a great vacation -probably really relaxing for you to have a chance to get away from the old grind -and glad you shared with this fantastic picture too!

Dr Jenn said...

welcome home

Dave said...

LL forgot the snow and sky. Great picture.

fermicat said...

Jeni - I envy those people who live in picturesque environments. I have some Flickr friends who do, and they are always posting gorgeous shots.

Dr Jenn - thanks, and we got here in time to enjoy the latest heat wave. Ugh.

Dave - glad you like it. I've got about 849 more!

dr sardonicus said...

Nice pic. Gotta go up there someday.

(Word verification: outingsa. Been getting some interesting ones lately.)

Debo Blue said...


Welcome back! I didn't know the picture is yours! OMG that's awesome!

Can't wait to see some more.

Dianne said...

this is stunning!
must have been amazing in person