Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Invisible Meteors

It never fails... Now that it is peak time for the Perseid Meteor Shower, the clouds have rolled in and covered up the sky here in Atlanta. It seems like this happens every year. I envy those of you with clear, dark skies and a good view of the action. A good meteor shower is unforgettable.

UPDATE: Well, whaddaya know? It has cleared up a lot since lunchtime. Last night we couldn't see a thing but tonight might be better. One of the perils of working in the basement is that I have no idea when the weather changes. We sat outside for lunch and got rained on a little bit. I assumed that since the forecast called for more of the same that we'd be getting more of the same. Looks like we might see a meteor or two after all.

ANOTHER DAMN UPDATE: Well, we tried. Although the skies appear clear, there is a lot of light pollution in our little cul-de-sac. In particular, our streetlamp is in a very poor spot - right in the northeasterly direction we'd need to see the radiant source for the meteors. Our beautiful grove of trees is also blocking most of the view. We could see maybe 4-5 stars total in the visible sky, and I am pretty sure that at least one of them was a planet because it was so big and bright. Less than ideal. :-(


LL said...

I suppose I shouldn't tell you about my view of the nighttime sky then... should I. :ewink:

fermicat said...

LL - must be terrific without humidity haze, smog and all of our city lights!

Dr Jenn said...

i havn't got out to see them either, and I don't know what it will look like, in Bartow... well there was a fantastic view!

NYPinTA said...

Never fails up here either. And the light pollutions doesn't help. :(

So... next year, we're all heading to LL's, right? :D I'm sure he won't mind at all!

Kathleen said...

Oh, amen, sister, on the basement. We got moved a few months back and while it's not the basement, there isn't a single window to the outside. I never have a clue what the weather is doing. We call it the Dungeon.

So, I feel your daily pain.