Friday, July 31, 2009

Big Plans

We are heading for the Rockies tomorrow. The Canadian Rockies, eh.

Yes, we're finally going on that much-needed vacation, and the only downside (other than the cost) is having to get up at 3:30am in order to make the early morning flight. We're looking forward to a week of scenic hikes, paddles, and drives within the four national parks that line the continental divide up in that neck of the woods: Banff, Yoho, Kootenay, and Jasper. Plus... hot springs!

Mom will be coming over to cat sit for the week, and she is bringing all of her little dogs. She reads this blog and the comments, so wish them all luck! Not sure who will have the hardest week -- the dogs, the cats, or Mom. Hopefully the house will survive and no one gets hurt.


Jeni said...

I'm betting that if the cats don't just go into hiding and finally resurface about the time you will be getting back home, they will most likely just torment the living daylights out of your Mom's dogs! Cats do love to do that -most of the time anyway!
What a great vacation though -mountains, cooler air and beautiful scenery for your hikes. Travel safe and see you in a week -when you'll be all rested up and happy as all get out. Right?

Natalie said...

Yay! Enjoy your much needed vacation. The cats will have the hardest time adjusting. But it's okay, that's what makes them cats. Good luck fermi's mom!

BC said...

Enjoy your vacation!! YOu earned it and deserved it. Take alot of pictures.

Good luck mom. Hope it all goes somewhat calmly for you. :D

Dave said...

Hey Mom.

This is going way too quick, I met PDM on line a couple of weeks ago; he and Fermi eat at a restaurant I go to (Zuffies).

Given the wake up time, I hope the kids are in bed.

Talk to us.

Dr Jenn said...

GOOD luck to all and HAVE FUN to all (Including the dogs - you know they will need therapy when this is over)

LL said...

The Canadian rockies? I feel so slighted... ;)

But at least it's not catblogging. :ewink:

word ver: doggitio

Dianne said...

have a great time!!

yes, the cats will have issues but they're used to having issues, sometimes I think they thrive on issues

Hi Mom - have fun with all the critters :)

dr sardonicus said...

Just coming back from my excursion to wish you a fun time on yours!

Dr Jenn said...

Hey LL I did some cat blogging for her! PBBBLBBTH

Beth said...

After all these months of working, I am getting a 4-day weekend. I'm just so freaking excited about not working for four nights in a row.

Hope you enjoy yourself. Oh, and I'm adding this to all my comments:

Hey, did you have become an e-mail subscriber to It would really be a great thing.

Dr Jenn said...

Are you having FUN yet (to your mom)and referring to the cat mind control over the dogs.