Thursday, September 11, 2008


Thought for the day: You can repeat a lie over and over, but that doesn't make it true.

I'm tired of bullshit.

Some good sources for cutting through the bullshit from both sides: FactCheck and/or PolitiFact. And there is always good ol' Snopes for those viral emails. Get outraged if you must, but not before you check the facts! No sense getting worked up about stuff that isn't remotely true. Be an informed voter. Policy differences are honest differences, and voters should weigh their choices. But those choices ought to be based on solid, factual information, not innuendo, rumors and lies.


tiff said...

Preach it!

Seems like a lot of us are jumping on your bandwagon. I call shotgun!

Dianne said...


I'll proudly get on your bandwagon as well.

Spread the word!

Jeni said...

Wise words, indeed! I do wish people, including those who orchestrate the propaganda being fed to us by the candidates in their quest for the office, would all exercise usage of truth serum rather than the lies, lies and more lies spewing forth all over the place! Both camps are guilty of doing this too and regardless of who wins, wouldn't it be easier to swallow the bitter pill of defeat if it had come about with "truth in advertising" so to speak?

JennyLu said...

at least they took a break in observance of 9/11

fermicat said...

tiff - you got it!

dianne - trying.

jeni - yes, a political truth serum for all running for office would be something, wouldn't it? Didn't they do this in a movie?

jennylu - at least there is that.

NYPinTA said...

I used to get emails from I've tried to sign up for them again but I just get error messages. Guess I'll have to slog over every day to read up on the latest myself. Work, work, work.

Kathleen said...

Scary thing is that there are many people who won't do the research and will believe everything they hear (that they want to believe).

fermicat said...

nypinta - at the current rate of lies and exaggeration, those websites have new material every day.

kat - the only "good" thing about the meltdown of our financial system is that they are now discussing something other than lipstick and footwear. The bad part is they are still just blaming the other side.