Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Here We Go Again

Starting another home improvement project tomorrow. We're not so stupid as to think we could do this ourselves. Someone who knows what he is doing will be performing the work. This time it is the downstairs bathroom. Totally gutting it and starting over. No, we never learn. And yes, we think this will be complete in time for the family invasion over Thanksgiving. Here we go again!


Jeni said...

Hey, good luck with the project and you've got, what, seven weeks to get it done. Should go okay. If not, you know you don't have to shoulder the blame at least!

fermicat said...

jeni - Wow! You're fast. Hopefully this project will also be that fast. I'm betting on some delays - forty plus year old houses harbor nasty surprises when you take them apart. We have faith in our friend who is doing the work.

JennyLu said...

Yikes have fun!

Dianne said...

they surely do harbor nasty surprises!!

we have encountered that here a few times :)

at least it is not the bathroom you need to use each day - I went through that last year when a "funny sound" under the floor turned out to be a not so funny broken pipe

we too had a friend who knew what he was doing and that made it easier.

how's my buddy Silvio?

tiff said...

Home improvement projects are an addiction, aren't they? :)

Good luck with this one - hiring a pro to do your work is a great idea, esp where pipes and electricity are involved.

Debo Blue said...

We once had a friend who was a carpenter fix up a storage shed. It is a complete mess and caused a breakdown in long time relationships, and the cost of finding another professional to repair the house.

Don't do it:-)

LL said...

Wimp... I think you should'a tackled it in your spare time. You know... instead of Friday catblogging. :ewink:

fermicat said...

jennylu - I wouldn't exactly call it fun...

dianne - nasty surprise #1 is the weird, funky, nasty stink emanating from the room now that most of the stuff has been removed. Yuck!

tiff - we've got a long list that we tackle one project at a time.

debo - too late!

ll - I wouldn't want to deprive the world of catblogging. Plus, we want this sucker finished in time for the holiday family invasion. It took us six months just to do the bathroom drywall upstairs!