Friday, September 19, 2008

I'm in Boston, and Silvio is still not home.

Silvio started to get blocked again this afternoon, so he is spending the night at the "after hours" vet under observation. Will know more tomorrow. That "turn him into a girl" surgical option is starting to look more likely. We'll see what happens.

Meanwhile, I am in Boston for a conference until Wednesday. Finally got settled in. Nice hotel -- glad I'm not paying for it! (Especially with the cat week we've just had...) Now I am waiting on room service to deliver my very long delayed supper. 5:30pm is a bad time to fly. Too early to eat before you leave, and no decent food available until you land. I'm starving!!


Jeni said...

Ok, it's today now -any news on Silvio? Hope things all get ironed out there with him and he gets back home soon too then.

Dave said...

A plus, Boston has great food if you sneak away from the conference.

Dianne said...

Boston is such a great city!!

Wish you could enjoy it more by having good news about Silvio


JennyLu said...

I had a three day conference in Boston once. I made a point to see the big corner where you can buy stuff from outside venders, I forget the name of it. I also found a coffee house and ordered an authentic expresso! WOWOWie. There is also a bar that goes along a street. The enterance is at one end of a city block and the exit is at the other end of the block. Talk about great wings!
Hope you get good news on Silvio.

fermicat said...

jeni - he's still at the after hours vet.

dave - already done it. Snuck out and skipped the last two sessions today to walk around downtown. Ended up having two beers at an Irish pub, then dinner at an Italian restaurant in the North End.

dianne - definitely! The latest about Silvio is that he is charming all of the staff at the emergency vet.

jennyu - hmm, which marketplace? I was at Faneuil Hall (touristy) and that open air market just around the corner from it (fishy smelling, but more gritty and real).

magnetbabe said...

Surgery is never comfortable for the kitties or for you and PDM. But at this point, whatever it takes to keep him healthy. If it is happening again, it might be the smartest option. Poor Silvio! I'm glad he is at least in good hands while you are away.

fermicat said...

magnetbabe - we will go with the recommendation of the vet. I don't want to risk his having a blockage when we are not home to get him some help.