Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Strix varia

barred owl on a branch

We had a visitor this evening just before a thunderstorm rolled in. I still hear the barred owls once in a while, but I haven't seen any of them in weeks. They are tough to spot in the dense summer vegetation unless they perch in a very conspicuous spot, as this one did tonight. This branch is a familiar hunting spot for both the owls and a hawk that comes around now and then. Lucky for us it is directly in front of the back porch, and the birds don't seem to mind us quietly watching them.


LL said...

Well at least it's not a picture of cats...


Jeni said...

WOW -I've never seen any owls, ever, around here. Wouldn't know one type of owl from another either if I ever did see one around these hills, come to think of it. Neat shot!

Dianne said...

Ya know that owl looks a lot like a cat to me hehehehe ;)

anyway - I've only seen an owl up close once at a bird sanctuary. they're really amazing to see.

that's a great shot.

you should consider entering the Creative Photography thingie - the link is on my sidebar. It's not so much about the competition but about sharing beautiful shots and your photos are wonderful.

JennyC&F said...


fermicat said...

LL - No, it is a photo of an owl looking at me and the cats. They were hanging out on the porch with me.

jeni - mostly we just hear them, and that is how I knew what kind of owl it was. Their hooting sounds like "Who-cooks-for-YOU? Who-cooks-for-you-alllll?"

dianne - it would have been a better shot with the right kind of camera (SLR with telephoto lens). I did the best I could with the little pocket camera propped up on the screen to steady it.

jennyC&F - whoooo to you, too!

Kathleen said...

Nice, very nice, indeed.

I'm hoping the thunderstorm has helped the drought situation, although I know it'll take a lot more than one storm to effect any real change.

I think LL misses catblogging, perhaps an extra day this week - you know, just to make LL feel welcome. ;-)

ctheokas said...

I had owl for supper last night. Mmmmmm! Good eats!

But seriously, plenty of owls in the parks, but they don't really come out and say hello like that.

Beth said...

I too have never seen an owl and that is an amazing shot of one! I do these contests online where you get inspiration for a picture and I looked at this and thought, "Why can't this be the picture???" It feels like something you could have taken hundreds of years ago.

LL said...

You've never seen an owl?

BC said...

That is really cool. At the camp we have all sorts of birds and critters. Even a few woodpeckers that come to the deck to feed. But Ive never seen an owl.

fermicat said...

kat - thunderstorms are the only rain we're getting, and much of it runs off when the rain comes down so hard and fast. What we need (and don't get) are days of slow and steady rain.

More catblogging? Can do!

ctheokas - do you hear the owls in the parks? I like their calls.

beth - the vignetting (shadowing) I applied to the edges probably contributes to the old fashioned look. I really could have used more zoom to capture the details.

And you have barred owls in upstate NY. I'm surprised you've never seen one.

LL - How are the owls in Bat Country?

bc - thanks. I enjoy watching critters too. Too bad you never see an owl.

LL said...

How are the owls?


Kathleen said...

I was afraid of that. Fingers crossed as always that you get the rain you need.