Friday, July 11, 2008

Kinda Sorta Catblogging

fun with wine

OK, I do not usually buy wine* because of the label, but this one caught my eye (and I needed a white wine for a shrimp recipe). I'm not super particular about white wines, preferring reds, and I do not really have a white wine favorite. Add to that the feeling that what I do at work some days feels an awful lot like herding cats, and you have made a sale. Used a few tablespoons for cooking and we drank the rest (which was not bad). Then I had a little fun with Photoshop Elements.

Happy Friday, everyone.

*This was a 2007 Herding Cats Chenin Blanc-Chardonnay blend from South Africa. I had low expectations (having purchased it on a whim, because of the label), and was pleasantly surprised. My caveat - I am a red drinker. I probably wouldn't know a great white if it popped out of the bottle and did a genie dance.


LL said...

Close enough... ;P

Kathleen said...

I prefer white wines, although I don't really like those either, but I would try that one. I'm such a beer girl. Could I be more midwestern blue collar if I tried?

I disagree with LL, however, it's not close enough. ;-)

Jeni said...

I think was a pretty cool deal -finding a white wine with a cat-type name on it and all!

Dianne said...

I've heard good things about South Africa wines!! Good Lord I almost said "South Africa whites" - could you imagine!! can't take me anywhere

I'm a merlot person.

I love what you did with the photo - the glow, the points of light - you're getting so good at that!!

tiff said...

OMG - I bought the red last weekend for the same.damn.reason!

Was good. Yay for experimentation!

fermicat said...

LL - you never have a good thing to say about any flavor of catblogging. You could counteract this with some Friday cowblogging at your place, ya know. Don't your cows ever do anything cute? :P

kat - your drinking habits fit the stereotype, for sure! Did you know that PDM is a midwesterner? Beer is his favorite drink as well. He usually only drinks my wine when he runs out of beer.

jeni - that one definitely caught my eye!

dianne - too funny! This wasn't bad at all, especially considering the 2007 year vintage - that part had me a little worried. As for the special effects on the photo, I adjusted the color to correct for the fluorescent light illumination, then sharpened it and added a layer with a radial blur (but with the cats cut out so they would be clearly visible).

tiff - heh. Good for the Herding Cats people. If a catchy label makes potential customers try your product, then you have done a good job getting it noticed out of the hundreds of other choices. Maybe I will try the red next time.

Kathleen said...

I giggled at the thought of LL cowblogging.

Yup, I'm with PDM - only drink wine when there's no beer. Or if I'm trying to lower my cholesterol level (but that never lasts long).

fermicat said...

kat - maybe LL will take the hint and do the cowblogging. But he usually posts really odd cow photos, like with two heads or a placenta or whatever.

PDM will drink wine with dinner sometimes, even if there is beer in the fridge. But his overwhelming choice is beer.